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You and your fellow players are architects at Luna Mare, the architectural firm planning the first base on the moon. You will compete with your coworkers for access to building blueprints, astronauts, and construction resources- all to develop the most successful moonbase!

Lunarchitects is a medium-weight strategy game that has players moving their pawns forward in a refilling circular queue to claim building blueprints. Players use the claimed blueprints to build personal moonbase plans in front of them. But instead of turns proceeding clockwise, the player furthest behind in the queue always takes the next turn. This makes blueprint choices a matter of quality over quantity.

Blueprints from four stages are shuffled then stacked, with stages increasing in both cost and power. Each time all players complete a lap of the blueprint queue, scoring occurs- and the game ends after the fourth round of scoring. The player who has collected the most points is the winner, and their plans will guide the creation of the first settlement on the moon!

Unknown tile arrangement and variable scoring schemes (determined before the start) makes the game very replayable, as there is never a single most-powerful strategy.

Inspired by the well-loved game Glen More, Lunarchitects is a family game for 1-5 players that plays in about an hour.

Rules Summary

When the game begins, each player has a single starting Quarters, one astronaut, and three credits (points). They each also have a "claim pawn" on the gameboard's circular queue of blueprints.  Throughout the game, the player whose pawn is the LAST in the blueprint queue takes the next turn.


  1. Move your pawn forward as far as you'd like, and stop on and take a blueprint from the queue.
  2. Pay any costs shown on the left side of the blueprint using resources already generated on your previously-placed blueprints (or purchase missing resources from the Exchange in the board's upper-left).
  3. Place the blueprint in your personal moonbase plan.  It must:
    1. be next to an astronaut;
    2. connect diagonal rail to rail or tube to tube (and not stop or create an additional line of rails/tubes)
  4. Take any bonuses shown on the right side of the blueprint you just placed
  5. Activate the placed blueprint, AND all blueprints it touches: you may perform the actions shown at the bottom of the activated blueprints in the order of your choice
  6. Add blueprints from the supply to the queue until there is only one open spot behind player pawns


  1. Look at the scoring schemes chosen at the beginning of the game
  2. Score points according to the round-end scoring scheme


  1. Score points according to the round-end scoring scheme (as above)
  2. Score points according to the game-end scoring schemes

The player with the most points (credits) is the winner!

download rulebooks (4 languages)