Events Calendar added

Check out the new Events section of the site (linked in header too) for all the upcoming Lunarchitects events that Iron Kitten Games will be hosting.  Right now, those include some pick-up game times at I'm Board in Middleton, WI, scheduled events at Gen Con in Indianapolis, IN, pick-up game times at XenoCon in Davenport, IA, and scheduled events at Gamehole Con in Madison, WI.  The calendar will be updated when new events are scheduled, so check them out!

After the successful Campaign, watch for updates on Kickstarter

Things have been dark on this website blog for a bit, but not for lack of progress!  Much has been happened and much has been written about, but with almost 1000 backers pledging for copies of Lunarchitects over on Kickstarter, all of the updates have been posted there.  Check it out on the Kickstarter Updates page to see all the latest news on the production.

6 days in, almost $16k pledged

Things are going swimmingly over on Kickstarter, we're 52% on our way to campaign success.  We've gotten good press from Kickstarter itself, as well as from a couple of blogs who have done (p)reviews of Lunarchitects.  Including Rahdo!


Check out glowing reviews from Cardboard Republic, Father Geek, and links to videos from Rahdo.

Last week, I had a live discussion with Smarter Backer's Daniel Zayas on the game, his thoughts, and some exclusive info on the game's development.  You can watch that conversation below, but unfortunately all the games given away free have already been claimed :)

Game Demos

I have some demos scheduled around the Madison, WI area this week and next, including Saturday afternoon at I'm Board! Game Store in Middleton, WI.  If you're in the area and would like to try Lunarchitects, let me know and we can arrange something!

First 48 hours on Kickstarter!

If you haven't been yet, check out our Kickstarter campaign happening RIGHT NOW.

A Great Start!

Firstly, thank you to the backers for making the first two days a big success!  $10k in 2 days, wow!  A BIG thank you to all those who jumped on Lunarchitects early, you won't regret it.  Let's keep the momentum going as long as we can, before the inevitable slump in the middle of the campaign :)

BGG Hotness

I'm happy to point out that Lunarchitects is all the way up to #15 on the BGG hotness!  This may not mean anything to those of you who don't frequent the site, but as a user for many years, this makes me very happy.  I respect a lot of what goes on at BGG, there's a great community there, and seeing people interested in Lunarchitects makes me excited for the release.


BGG.CON Ambassador?

Speaking of BGG, I unfortunately will not be able to make the BGG.CON in Dallas-Ft. Worth this coming week.  There have been some requests from backers to be able to try Lunarchitects at the Con, so I had an idea: Would anyone like to volunteer to take a demo copy of Lunarchitects to BGG.CON?  They would be an ambassador for Lunarchitects, representing Iron Kitten Games and giving a bit of their time to playing Lunarchitects with others.  When and who you play with will be up to you, but I would point users who contact me in your direction at the Con.

If you are interested in volunteering to represent Lunarchitects and host a few unofficial game events while there, send me a message!  We'll talk, I'll make sure you know the rules, and I'll mail a copy to your house.  (Since I have demos tentatively scheduled locally during that time, I unfortunately only have one extra copy to mail to ambassadors.)

Imagine being able to play Lunarchitects BEFORE EVERYONE ELSE at the Con!

Live Discussion: Tonight!

At 8:30pm CST tonight, Daniel Zayas (of Smarter Backer) will be hosting a live discussion event with me, talking about Lunarchitects.  If you're interesting in learning about how the design came to be, interesting tidbits about the game and the process, and what I think the future holds - join us!

Additionally, I wanted to offer some giveaways for attendees, but since I don't want people to wait (and this will be my first published game), I thought it might be nice to offer up some games from local Madison, WI designers.  Attendees could win either FUSE (Kane Klenko), Bullfrogs (Keith Matejka), or Stockpile (Seth Van Orden)!

Demos: Joliet, IL / Madison, WI

Starting tomorrow, I will be in the southern Chicago suburbs, specifically near Joliet, IL.  I will have opportunities to demo and play Lunarchitects during that time (Friday night? Saturday afternoon?) at a yet-undecided game store (potentially Gaming Goat Joliet or Wandering Dragon).  If you have a few people who would be interesting in trying out Lunarchitects and are around Joliet, send me a message and we can try to work something out!

Additionally, starting next week I will be available many evenings and most weekends to demo Lunarchitects near the Madison, WI (and Janesville) areas.  I'm Board Game Store in Middleton is a great space to play in, and are usually very accommodating to designers.  Contact me to set something up!

More In Store...

As you probably noticed from the "reviews" section on the campaign, there are a few more people who have received and played official preproduction copies of Lunarchitects.  They're all hard at work editing, so watch that space for their reviews.  From what I can tell, they like Lunarchitects as much as everyone else!