GameHole Con finished: demos and networking

Three days, one booth (shared with Keith from Thunderworks Games), five scheduled events, and countless other demos - GameHole Con in Madison is now complete!

Between five full 5p sessions and other unscheduled events, at least 30 new people played full games of Lunarchitects this weekend, and at least a dozen others demoed partial games.  Fun seemed to be had by all who participated!

We had a great time meeting other local designers and figureheads, some of whom include Keith Matejka of Bullfrogs and upcoming kickstarter Roll Player, Ed Marriot of Scoville, Nick Bentley of Catchup and Stinker, Adam Rehberg of Brewin' USA, Kane Klenko of Mad City and just-released Fuse, Richard Bliss, Nancy Hutchins, and numerous other publishers and upcoming designers.  It was great meeting you all.