An early box art render


As my favorite illustrator works on the lines of the illustration, I've been playing with the box sides layout.  I've noticed quite a few medium-heavy games like to put one side (typically the one to the left of the front) in an orientation that reads like a book when stood on end.  I think this is a great idea and will be doing this for Lunarchitects, but I've hit a couple of snags:

1. The logo is pretty long!  I've tried to fit it as-is and stretch it onto the side frame a bit, but it's still pretty small when printed.  Many games re-create their logo for the side as two lines, but as the title is one word, I really can't do that.  Options I see are leaving the logo vertical and putting the image in the correct orientation, having a small-ish logo, or something else I haven't come up with yet.

2. Since the box will be laid out in landscape orientation, which side will face out when an owner puts it on his/her shelf?  I see two ways: on a game store shelf, the front will be forward (hopefully), and the left side will be visible (therefore the left box side should be oriented standing up), OR the owner at home will want it to have a bit more shelf presence so will sit it on a side, so the bottom or top will be facing out.  Sounds like a side AND a top/bottom should be oriented standing up - but which one, top or bottom?  Still undecided.  Next trip to my FLGS, I'll take a survey.

Wonder how I do these renders?  Sounds like a good next blog post...