Building the Buildings

Background: In the real world, I'm a design engineer of consumer goods.  With that comes a lot of 3d modeling (engineering, not really art), so I have lots of experience with Solidworks, a pretty standard 3d design engine.

For the Lunarchitects project, I knew there'd be a lot of art for the 70 tiles, about 49 unique pieces.  But since many are just variations of others, I felt like I could try and tackle doing the art for the tiles, by rendering them within Solidworks.  My first tries were pretty bad, as to be expected from first tries (you can see examples in the Tile Evolution gallery)

Though a long time of tweaking, I started getting some decent models that were ALMOST presentable.  They were basic and would need refining, but I was getting there.

Later I had this idea to build a full example base using the buildings and then putting them on a scaled-down moon as a cover image for the box.  Clearly that wasn't going to be good enough, but the rendered image was pretty funny.

When I finally made the decision to instead of using photo-realistic buildings I would use a blueprint style, that cleaned things up a bit.  Now renders go into an Illustrator file for filtering and "annotation" before getting placed in another Illustrator file that lays out the tiles themselves.