Preview the complete game at GameHole Con, Nov 7!

With the Kickstarter launch set for November 10, GameHole Con on Nov 6-8 seems like a perfect time to show off the completed game just before the launch.

What is GameHole Con?  It's a gaming convention that takes place in Madison, WI yearly - this is it's third year.  Read more about it here.  I've attended and run events the previous two years, so I'm keeping up the tradition.  This year, though, I get to push my new game just before the launch.

I've created five slots of playtesting, from 8am to 6pm on Saturday.  Signup hasn't quite opened yet, but it's very exciting to see all those slots lined up and waiting for players!

One more plus: just after my 10 hours of Lunarchitects, I hope to be able to book a slot playing Scoville with the designer, Ed Marriott!  Looking forward to it.