Lunarchitets pre-kickstarter Con Schedule is congealing...

After playtesting mostly local events, Lunarchitects will now be heading to conventions!

On the docket and commited are GenCon in July/August, Protospiel Madison, WI in October, and GameHoleCon (Madison) in November!  With a launch date now set at November 10th, each of these will present a nice opportunity for a different aspect of testing/playing.

I'm sure other small opportunities to demo will pop up, but I believe these big three will be where I will get the most awareness.

If you're going to be attending any of these, send me a message and I can meet to chat, give a demo, or play a game!

GenCon (7/28-8/2) 


The way the First Exposure Playtest Hall (FEPH) works from a player's perspective is you show up, look for a game you want to play from a list on a screen, take a ticket and play.  It's one of the few things at GenCon that doesn't require a ticket to attend, even a free ticket.

I was clued into the FEPH just a few weeks ago when I was planning my GenCon trip.  The guys who ran the Copper Country kickstarter (CMX Games, local to Madison area) attended the FEPH and got some news out, but it was after the Kickstarter finished.  I heard things are pretty busy in the Hall, so it can be well-worth the $250 it costs for 8 hours of playtest time.  I signed up before the option closed, and scheduled spots on Friday early and most of the afternoon/evening.  I hope to get plenty of players and handing out plenty of business cards!

AT THE GameCrafter's Booth

The group of guys that are associated with TheGameCrafter are pretty great - a monthly design meetup, sponsoring prototype rooms at conventions, being all-around friendly and approachable people (not to mention the design advice).  Since I started designing games back in 2012 I've had the luck of having the factory/warehouse literally 1500 ft from where I work, so I've gotten to know them through local testing.

For many conventions, TheGameCrafter "auctions" off time and space in their booth to budding designers.  I figured this was a perfect opportunity to show off my game, which many of the prototypes have been produced by TGC.  I won the Thursday afternoon slot, from 2-6pm.  I'll be setting up the prototypes, having some cards to hand out, and engaging passers-by and maybe even demoing the game.  Looking forward to it!

Protospiel (10/23-10/25) 

At previous Protospiels I've played some greats from up-and-comers that are now published (or on their way):

They're a great way to get a bunch of designers in a room to really dig critically into the design of games.  It's a good community. I'll be attending, with a relatively final set of prototype copies!

GameHoleCon (11/6-11/8) 

This would be my third year attending GameHoleCon in Madison, and I can say the previous two years have been promising.  I've hosted games there the previous two years, and I've submitted demo events for this year's Con as well.  Given the Kickstarter will launch on 11/10 (just after the convention), I think it'll mostly be showing off / demoing, and getting people aware of the game.  Looking forward to this one too!