Lunarchitects is now playable in Vassal!

Last year, I played around quite a bit with writing in Vassal, the online programmable boardgame engine.  It's pretty powerful software, if you take the time to learn its quirks.  It was early in Lunarchitects development, and it was still called Luna Mare- but I wanted a quick way to try out options for costing / rewards, timing, and scoring.  It was great for was it was, but it sure wasn't pretty.

This last week, I've worked to clean up the software and work out bugs.  While there are still a few (why does it place two tiles when it switches stacks?  I don't know), it plays cleanly and I've now been playing solo games at a regular clip (20 minutes for the full game).

While I still have work to do (implementing graphic representations of the different scoring schemes, now I'm just noting them beforehand), it's a very playable and enjoyable experience.  Also saves on cleanup time!

I have an old friend in Germany who really wants to play this game, and this is one way to be able to do so.  We'll be Skyping and playing sometime in the near future, and I plan on recording the game.

If you're interested in trying out the Vassal version of Lunarchitects, contact me via the website, or email me at  It's a ~15mb download, I'd want to use Skype, and I'd be available most evenings after 9:30pm CST, or early mornings.