And we're on for Gen Con: Ticketed event! And end-schemes first look

After submitting the games after the deadline, I didn't think Gen Con would find time for my two events.  Turns out they did!

Today I got confirmation that my two ticketed events have been placed.

  • BGM1582466 - Lunarchitects - Fri @ 10PM - ICC :: Hall E : White :: 18
  • BGM1582491 - Luanrchitects - Sat @8AM - ICC :: Hall E : White :: 7

hile the times will mean a late night and an early morning, what else will I be doing during Gen Con, sleeping?

In other news, I've completed a first swag at a prototype End-game scoring tokens, they're about 1.5" circles.  We'll try that for awhile.  I took a Suburbia-style graphic design style, with all-black descriptive text below (reduce the need to look it up).

I do still have some time to play with them before Gen Con, but we're getting close! T minus 19 days til Gen Con!