Box size choices, and their impacts

Big or little box?  That's a recent question I had to ponder recently, so here's my thought process on the answer.

First of all, the stats: The small box is sized 271x201x60mm (a bit smaller than a sheet of US copy paper), or about halfway between a Catan box and a smaller one like King of Tokyo.  The larger is box is only about 10% bigger (300x223x68mm), but feels more substantial - it's about the same size as an Agricola box (if a smidgen shorter).

I can fit all the components easily within either box, using baggies. If I plan on having a molded insert as a stretch goal, then the larger box means it's much easier to have everything separated nicely.  Shelf-space wise, the larger box looks like it fits in better with other games than the smaller, which doesn't really have many equivalents.  Of course, it is bigger which means takes up more space on the shelf, and I know that for some people space is at a premium.

Cost-wise, they're honestly not that different.  There's probably a few cents increase for being bigger, but because it's bigger I can put more components on each punchboard sheet, and so can use one fewer sheet (saving a bit there).  It weighs almost nothing more, so that's not an issue.  Looking at packing boxes, the small one DOES fit very nicely into a free priority mailing box, whereas I'd have to purchase boxes for the larger (which work out to be about $0.70 each).  That's the biggest increase in COST to me, but it certainly isn't insignificant.

For now, I'm shipping my preview copies of the games to reviewers in BIG boxes, but the decision hasn't been finalized yet!

Do you have thoughts?  Feel free and comment below on what you think you'd prefer!